NEW! FOKKER F.I/DR.I Model Special by Ray Rimell/ Richard Alexander


WWI decal sets-updated 5 Dec. 2021!

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Old Propeller D32004/D32005 4 colour upper  lower lozenge with rib tapes. 1:32 scale. Plus free bonus WNW 30013 Albatros decal sheet- all in mint condition.
Old Propeller decal set D.32020 4 colour lozenge wing set for WNW Albatros -built Fokker D.VII. Salmon pink rib tapes. Plus extra bonus D.VII wing and reversed interior lozenge sheets! Mint.
Produced in 2005 for 1:32 scale Roden models, this excellent decal sheet can just as easily be used on the Meng kits of course. We have acquired the very last of these and can offer them in very limited numbers. Markings for Klimke; von Tutschek and Lothar von Richthofen are provide plus plenty of accurate stencilling.
This is from the original CSM,their 'Part 117' that provides a full set of markings for Ltn. Jacobs' famous all-black triplane in 1:28 so woul suit any of the Revell 1957 kit and later versions as well as the Hobbycraft near clone.One set only.

This combined bumper package of Americal/Gryphon Set Nos.170/171/172/173/174 &175 provide MULTIPLE DECAL SETS for 60 assorted WWI German fighter types of Jasta 4 in three scales! Fokkers; Albatrosse; Pfalz; SSW and more-includes a couple of captured Allied aircraft in German markings! Over two dozen individual sheets and providing full 1:28/1:48/1:72 wing striping for one of Udet's flamboyant D.VII  examples in both red and black. Excellent condition. A generous  number of FREE BONUS  lozenge sheets are also to be found in this unique package.

Special doubled-up set of 1:32 Old Propeller decals to entirely cloak one Wingnut Wings OAW built Fokker D.VII  in four colour upper and lower cookie cut panels with blue rib tapes.Includes  reversed interior faded lozenge panels. Plus bonus four-colour Fokker D.VII lozenge sets!
Sparkling set of Fokker D.VII decals for the Wingnut kits! This quartet includes colourful examples of D.VII fighters from Jastas 4, 16b, 18 and 23b. Package includes free bonus D.VII lozenge in both 4- and 5-colour bolts!
Another stunning quartet of D.VII decals for the Wingnut Wings 1:32 scale kits! Colourful examples from Jastas 5,10,30 and 54s make up this set which comes with free lozenge decals in both 4-and 5- colour patterns!
More colourful 1:32 scale D.VII decals for that WNW or Battleaxe Fokker! There's a pair of late production BMW-powered machines and a couple from the Albatros factory. Absolutely mint, the set ships with a pair of  BONUS  sheets in upper and lower four-colour lozenge patterns!
Copy of Les Rogers' acclaimed Fabric Special on wartime SE5/SE5a Squadrons with many photos,colour profiles and complete set of colour semi -side views illustrating all the known unit markings worn by these classic British fighters with Hisso/Viper engines. PLUS! Free bonus set of Pheon 'Viper Aces in France'!!
MEGA-DECAL pack for 33 Lafayette Escadrille Nieuports and SPADs in 1:72 and 1:48 scales! Includes four sheets of Americal Gryphon 75th anniversary decals ideal for the Eduard and Dragon kits. Also ships with a copy of Jon Guttman's Nieuport Flyers of the Lafayette now out of print...Plus special bonus 1:72 and 1:48 scale sheets for a further two dozen complementary subjects and a selection of French roundels!
Six colourful  markings for RAF SE5as  thatwould suit Monogram;Eduard;Roden and Blue Max kits. All in original Avi-Print packaging with full colour instructions and painting guides. In excellent condition.One only plus free roundel collection set!
Aero-Master 48-181 presents a quartet of Albatros D.V fighters; two from Jasta 5 plus Jasta 21 and 37 examples. Includes a spare sheet of crosses and tail stripes together with bonus 5-colour lozenge sets!
AeroMaster sheet 48-182 carries crisp markings for four Albatros fighters: a pair of D.III versions and two D.Va examples. This unique one-off package also contains mint sets of 4-colour lozenge bolts and rib tapes from Old Propeller.
Super package for the Eduard Siemens Schuckert D.III kit in 1:48 with multiple decals sets,resin and PE detail parts plus a rare copy of the no longer in print DATAFILE No.29. All the items are in mint condition. 
From Mexican Aztec Models, a fine 1:48 scale Red Baron set for eight assorted JG.I fighters including  1 x Albatros D.III; 3 x Albatros  D.V; 2 x Fokker D.VII and a single Pfalz D.IIIa. Comprises two sparkling sheets along with free lozenge sheets-all in mint order.
TWO sets for von Richthofen's three red-painted Albatrosse. In 1:48 and 1:72 scales with identical packaging-both in mint condition.
Blue Rider doubled-up sets for 1:48 and 1:72 scale Sopwith Pup kits in mint order. This unique bundle also includes full-scale bonus decals of relevant manufacturers' logos and a surprise item.
Ten different and highly colourful Fokker D.VII schemes for 1:72 scale Eduard, Revell and Roden kits from FCM in their Elite wet-transfer series.All come with detailed painting and decal application guides plus extra D.VII lozenge sheet..
PRINT-SCALE 72-046 with a dozen mixed markings for French and Americasn SPADs 7,13, 12 and 17. Full colour painting guides and some photos. One only in mint order.
Signed copy of Aeroguide Classics 4 on the Fairey Swordfish. A unique package that includes two mint sets of AeroMaster Swordfish decals for the superb Tamiya kit.

Old Propeller D32005/ HGW 532041 4 colour upper and   lower lozenge with rib tapes. I:32 Scale.

PLUS! Free WNW 1:32 Albatros D.V  decal sheet with five colourful schemes!

AEROMASTER 1:48 sheet 48-575 for one AEF SPAD 7 and five SPADs 13.Colourful decals for well-known Spad jockeys with AEF/French roundels,all markings,wing bands and numbers. Slight crease in one corner of package but decals unaffected. Includes bonus Americal roundel set!