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WINDSOCK Worldwide Vo. 27, No.1 (h)WINDSOCK Worldwide Vo. 27, No.1 (h)
EXCLUSIVE WINGNUT NEWS AND REVIEWS!!: Nine page detailed,fully illustrated build log for the LFG Roland D.VI plus three new Ronny Bar photos and colour detail photos of the sole survivor in Poland!New WNW decals assessed;WNW DH9A,Brandenburg W.29 ,RE8 and Gotha G.IV previewed-plus all the regulars.One only, slightly creased but complete.
WINDSOCK Worldwide,Vol.25,No.4WINDSOCK Worldwide,Vol.25,No.4
ONE of 2009's best selling issues that quickly went out of print. One copy only with creases.Pusher Special issue with: Hendon's nightbombing FEE roll-out;Roden's DH 2 reviewed with 1:32 scale drawings;PB.25 plans feature;Nieuport 28 camouflage pattern flat plan;Naval Fokkers;Engine Master Class and much more!
Volume 21 No. 3 - May/June 2005Volume 21 No. 3 - May/June 2005
Exclusive kit build for Roden's new 1:32 Fokker Dr.I! Plus new series on USN colours with Curtiss N.9 profiles * WWI Ufag rudder in colour * DH2, Merlin Roland * Latest kits, Jasta 5 decals, 1:32 scale Dr.I plans and more!
WINDSOCK International,Vol.19,No.4 (h)WINDSOCK International,Vol.19,No.4 (h)
Albatros D.II from Eduard-full photo build!*Exclusive kit review of Roden's Felixstowe* Savoia Pomilo SP4 Italian Pusher data*Canadian Snipe story*German D.VII markings*Albatros D.II photo archive-and more!
WINDSOCK Worldwide Vol.26, No.1 (h)WINDSOCK Worldwide Vol.26, No.1 (h)
Super bumper all-colour issue with four build features on the WNW Albatros D.V and D.Va,plus RFC and RNAS Sopwith Pups*40 pages plus covers!Colour close ups,profiles and more! Good condition.
WINDSOCK International,Vol.5, No.1,Spring 1989(h)WINDSOCK International,Vol.5, No.1,Spring 1989(h)
New series-France's Foreign Legion of the Air with US ace Paul Baer with cover profiles*Building Merlin's 1:48 Albatros D.II*French SPAD VII paint chip; SPAD A.4 plans feature*kits,books, decals and more. Good condition.
Summer 1989's special edition was devoted to seaplanes with FOUR plans features :Albatros W.4;Fairey Hamble Baby; Hansa Brandenburg W.29 and Sopwith Baby with colour centre-spread profiles of all four types plus W.29 kit review and more!Three slightly worn copies only ...
WINDSOCK International Vol.5,No.3, Autumn 1989 (h)WINDSOCK International Vol.5,No.3, Autumn 1989 (h)
Nieuport 11 Bebe plans feature* French air ace*Italian Rosso paint chip*Airship VC centre spread colour poster*SSW D.I plans feature and model conversion and much more.One copy left,slight wear on cover.
WINDSOCK International, Vol. 5, No.4, Winter 1989WINDSOCK International, Vol. 5, No.4, Winter 1989
LAST copy of the Winter 1989 edition-this one has rare WWI colour photos! Good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.6, No.2WINDSOCK International Vol.6, No.2
March/April 1990 issue with Austro-Hungarian helicopter plans feature,Blue Max Fokker Triplane build log,Roland C.II drawings and kit reviews! Worn but complete-one only.
WINDSOCK International Vol.6, No.3WINDSOCK International Vol.6, No.3
Last copy of our May/June 1990 edition with its scratchbuilt Albatros,Sikorsky Veh data,Glencoe OEF D.III build log,Nieuport 27 colours,Meikraft Pfalz D.III kit review build and stacks of reviews! Worn but complete-one only.
WINDSOCK  International Vol.6, No.4WINDSOCK International Vol.6, No.4
More on the Sikorsky Veh with scale plans plus Shuttleworth's Sopwith Triplane in colour and a centrespread cutaway!British aeroplane fabrics,American volunteer pilot,flying scale models,kit reviews and more! Worn but complete copies.
WINDSOCK International Vol.6, No.5WINDSOCK International Vol.6, No.5
Worn but complete copies of our September/ October 1990 edition with the final part of our Sikorsky profile,Spa. 154 SPAD markings,repro'Fokker Triplane and restored SPAD XII in France,French AR biplane plans,Austin Ball fighter and Albatros cockpit in colour!
WINDSOCK International, Vol.7,No.1WINDSOCK International, Vol.7,No.1
LAST remaining copy of the Jan/Feb 1991 edition;creased covers but complete.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.7, No.3 (h)WINDSOCK International, Vol.7, No.3 (h)
PC 12 DOPE ANALYSIS*Vickers FB.12 1:48 scale model build and plans feature*DFW C.V plans feature with colour profiles * concluding the Felixstowe F2a feature from the previous issue*RAF FE9 data and much more. Just three copies remain.
WINDSOCK International,Vol 8,No 1WINDSOCK International,Vol 8,No 1
THE first issue of 1992. Only one copy available.Faded in places but complete.
WINDSOCK International,Vol.8,No.2WINDSOCK International,Vol.8,No.2
WITH plans feature on the Knoller C.II,this 1992 number is down to just one copy.Good condition.
Special Monoplane plans features!*Morane Type AC*Albatros Tauben*Morane Type AI*Colour plates and profiles*Morane Parasol in Finland and more! One copy only in good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.8,No.4WINDSOCK International Vol.8,No.4
Last copies of the July/August 1992 edition,all with slightly creased covers but complete.
WINDSOCK International Vol.8, No.5 (h)WINDSOCK International Vol.8, No.5 (h)
Sept/Oct 1992 edition with MF.11 Shorthorn and AW FK10 Quadruplane plans features;Building a vacform AEG bomber;A-Z of WWI aeroplane kits Part 6:Polish airmen in French service;colour photos,profiles and kit reviews. One copy left.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.9,No.1WINDSOCK International, Vol.9,No.1
OUR first issue of 1993 with stacks of diverse content.Limited availability, some copies faded but complete.
WINDSOCK International,Vol.9,No.2WINDSOCK International,Vol.9,No.2
March/April 1993 edition.Last remaining copies,all with slightly worn covers but complete.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.9, No.3WINDSOCK International, Vol.9, No.3
THE May/June 1993 edition. Only four copies remaining in fair condition-slightly worn but complete.
WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.4WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.4
THIS is the July/August 1993 issue. Final file copies,all slightly worn around the covers.
WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.5WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.5
Special Zeppelin aircraft features and a Chinese air ace mark this edition. Faded and slightly creased copy but a complete one...
WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.6WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.6
THIS is our Nov/Dec 1993 edition.
WINDSOCK International,Vol. 10,No.1WINDSOCK International,Vol. 10,No.1
THE Jan/Feb 1994 edition. Only one copy-in GC...
WINDSOCK International, Vol.10,No.4WINDSOCK International, Vol.10,No.4
July/August 1994 edition.Slightly faded copies but otherwise good condition.
WINDSOCK International,Vol.10,No.5(h)WINDSOCK International,Vol.10,No.5(h)
Our second seaplane special issue! Includes detailed plans features on the Fairy Campania *Dornier Cs.I*Short 827 and 830 seaplanes+Three new Fokker D.VIII kits reviewed*Short 184 in colour*Polish WWI seaplanes and more!
WINDSOCK International Vol.10, No.6 Special pusher features!WINDSOCK International Vol.10, No.6 Special pusher features!
LAST issue of 1994. All in good condition apart from slightly creased covers. Limited availability...
WINDSOCK International Vol.11, No.1WINDSOCK International Vol.11, No.1
Scratchbuilt Brandenburg W.20 in 1:24,the Seven Swabians stories,Bessonneau hangar plans feature,the Otto B and C types drawn and described,Brandenburgs in Poland-and more. Three copies left and only slightly creased.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.11,No.2 (h)WINDSOCK International, Vol.11,No.2 (h)
Bombing up Baby*de Havilland model kit survey*SPAD 22 plans feature*hyper-detailed Triplane*Polish Brandenburgs *Pegasus Albatros build review and more!
WINDSOCK International Vol.11, No.3WINDSOCK International Vol.11, No.3
Last two copies of the May/ June 1995 edition.36 pages plus covers.Slightly creased but intact.
WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.1WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.1
Four plans features in this packed edition! Plus Revell 1:28 D.VII review,German aircraft in Russia and some great reference photos!
WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.2WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.2
One only of the March/April 1996 edition. Slight creasing, and failed staple binding , but otherwise good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.4WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.4
THE covers may be a little jaded but the contents are as bright as ever. The July/ August 1996 edition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.20,No.3 (h)WINDSOCK International Vol.20,No.3 (h)
Genuine WWI French Farman colour photo!* WWI British cockpit sketches* DH9A colours with photos, colour close-ups,scale drawings and profiles* Iberian tactical bombing force*Junkers J.X drawings plus stacks of book and kit reviews. One only in good condition.
WINDSOCK International,Vol.21,No.6 (h)WINDSOCK International,Vol.21,No.6 (h)
Scratchbuilding a Russian flying staircase!*Russian Moscas plans feature*US Navy finishes Part 4 by Colin Owers*Fokker D.VI 1:32 scale pull-out plans!*PC flying simulators for WWI types*Aurora's ancient D.VII*2005 US IPMS Nats colour report*Fokker D.VI kit reviews and rear cover colour profiles. Two copies with slightly creased covers.
WINDSOCK International Vol.22,No.1 (h)WINDSOCK International Vol.22,No.1 (h)
Italian WWI fabric in colour!*Austro-Hungarian seaplanes*US Navy finishes* Scratchbuilt 1:48 O/400 bomber*Kit review bonanza with special profiles*1:32 scale Albatros*Books! Decals! Two copies with mild creasing.
WINDSOCK Worldwide, Vol. 23,No.3(h)WINDSOCK Worldwide, Vol. 23,No.3(h)
Classic Fighter NZ airshow*New take on Fokker Dr. I streaked camouflage* Mickael Oeffag Type H plans feature+ SAB C.1 plans* Stacks of figure reviews+BE2C profiles* Building Roden's Staaken and more! Slight creasing on both covers but complete! Two copies remaining.

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