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Our last remaining issue of WIND-SOCK Autumn 1985 and the first ever edition properly printed as opposed to the original Xeroxed versions. From little acorns... Some great early features with Aeroskin kits; Rumpler C.IV colour paint chips and 1918 capture report with detailed airframe sketches; book and kit reviews plus a Revell 1:72 scale conversion for Guynemer's iconic Nieuport  17 with vintage adverts galore.


Another one for the true collector. This is the second issue of the original WIND-SOCK ,published 1985 and contains special DH4 features: a semi-scratched Rumpler C.IV plus paint chips; British RE7 canvas hangar plans and modelling notes plus kit,book and product reviews. 

Winter 1986 edition of WIND-SOCK with Anatra DS Anasal photos and monotone profiles of markings from Colin Owers , who also contributes an AEG D.I plans feature and exhaustive colour notes for the AWM's genuine Pfalz D.XII  with photos and two paint chips matched to original Pfalz dopes. Also in this number, Bristol Fighter in close up plus all the regular departments and period advertising when WWI vacform kits were very much in vogue. One copy in good condition.

The Summer 1987 number provides a photo study of the AW FK 8 Big Ack; Sopwith Salamander colours; converting the Airfix Hannover; 1:72 scale plans  for a German Drachen observation balloon; Fokker D.VII aces and cockpit fittings plus vintage book and kit reviews! Slight creasing on cover but all 32 page plus covers are intact.

This 1988 edition was our second WIND-SOCK to present full-colour cover plates including three  nightfighter  Sopwith Camels profiles to support this edition's main plans feature. We show how to model a white metal metal Berg D.I kit and apply its 'hex'camouflage decals; there's a semi-scratchbuilt Albatros D.IV model; Vickers FB5 cutaway and Fabric has  all the  'dope' on PC10 complete with two paint chips!

Eleven page 1:48 scale Fokker D.V plans feature by P M Grosz; French fabric with two free paint chips; Udet's Fokker D.VII described by Dan San Abbott; rear cover D.VII plate by the editor; stacks of books and kit reviews. One only in good condition.
LAST copy of the Winter 1989 edition-this one has rare genuine WWI colour photos! Good condition.
THE first issue of 1992. Only one copy available.Faded in places but complete.
Last few copies of the July/August 1992 edition,all with slightly creased covers but complete. Special 1:48 scale Dragon  Fokker Triplane kit review and Dr.I colour data and profile features!
OUR first issue of 1993 with stacks of diverse content.Limited availability, some copies faded but complete.
March/April 1993 edition.Last remaining copies,all with slightly worn covers but complete.
THE May/June 1993 edition packed with unique material! Rare restored Roland fighter;plans features on the Morane Type P parasol and SS Scout airship with fold-out 1:72 scale plans! Plus Lafayette air ace and Albatros wing fillets. Only two copies remain in fair condition...
THIS is our Nov/Dec 1993 edition.


Rare WWI plans features including the Austin AFT 3 OSPREY; Siemens Schuckert DDr.I; and SOPWITH HISPANO-SUIZA TRIPLANE are the major players in this edition!! Plus Revell 1:28 D.VII review,German aircraft in Russia and two great Albatros W.4 reference photos!

THE covers may be a little jaded but the contents are as bright as ever. The July/ August 1996 edition.
Two tone grey camouflage for Austro-Hungarain aircraft! Plus RAAF doping practices; BAT Bantam plans feature;filming for Young Indy and stacks of book and kit reviews!
Phonix D.III in colour * Kit A-Z part 24 - Fokker E.III * Blue Max Roland C.II detailed kit review * Sopwith Swallow plans feature + 1:48/1:72 GAs * Spad 7/13 archive * Revised Muromets - kit review. Turkish markings * Foreign Legion part 33 - Charvat 
Baltic Sopwith Tabloid repro + colour photos * Henry Farre+ 3 colour plates * New German printed camouflage fabric uncovered * Greek DH9s * Issoudun's colourful Nieuports * Model Breguet 14 in 1918 * German Seaplane in the Baltic * Von Bertrab's D.III + colour profiles.
Russian Naval Nieuports - part 1 * Caproni + 5 colour photos * Albatros D.III project - repro' * Phonix colours - fabrics and markings + 17 profiles + 3 colour profiles * Brassware from France and Poland * Archive photos - Finnish Fighters.


Third issue of 2001 contains a mix of great features including a Nieuport 28 model kit survey and colour plates of the NASM restoration following its roll-out on August 15 2000. Other lead features include DH2 doping; Aeroclub 1:48 BE2C build log; Curtiss H-16 photo study plus pages of book ,kit and accessory reviews! One copy remains in VGC.

D.VII Special! * D.VII kit reviews plus photo reference and colour features * Caudron G.3/G.4 in colour * Readers' models and more!
Felixstowe Pt.2 * Blackburn Blackburd plans feature with 1:72 GAs * Italian Nieuport 17 and 27 markings with 13 colour profiles! * Fokker streaky camouflage and brand new revisionist colour profiles * 2003 DF publishing programme and more!

Italian Hanriots and colour profiles * Curtiss Speed scout plans * Airfix Spad VII * US Nationals report * Readers tips and all the new models!


DH2 super model built by Tom Morgan with fantastic detail! *  Rare US DH4 drawings/photos * Oeffag repro' in Austria! * 1½ Strutter in colour * A modeller remembers * Latest kits.*British WWI cockpits!



SP3 and Caudron G.III scale plans * WWI engines in colour * Readers' tips and models * Special Caudron features * Stacks of reviews.

Harry Woodman on techniques * Alex Imrie reviews a new Dr.I book * New Dr.I profiles! * NZ Omaka airshow * Scratchbuilt Gotha * US IPMS in colour and more! VERY LOW STOCK!
St Omer memorial * Superb BE2e and SE5a photos from New Zealand * Rigging detail * Kit reviews galore! * Captured German engines * Exclusive Marcos SP.III in depth kit build! * Anniversary news page * Merit Avro 504K in retrospect * Detailed book and decal reviews!
Last remaining copy of WS July/August 2007* OEF D.III in Austria and in colour!*Hansa-Brandenburg Type CC plans feature plus profiles*Russian Lebed XII plans feature*Ray Rimell builds Roden's 1:72 scale Pfalz D.III in a special build feature with Ronny Bar colour profiles!
* KuK Lohner Type R * Markings for RE8 units * New Curtiss H.4 replica * Special features on the DH4 * 1:32 Fokker E.V with accompanying structural drawings * Tribute to aviation artist Brian Knight GAvA.
* Pilot figures, including a bust of von Richthofen * RE8 Squadrons * Lohner Type S * Aeroclub's innovative biplane jig * HB D.I and Grigorovich flying boat * Master-modeller Lance Krieg tackles Eduard's Pfalz D.III.


Two plans features for this edition: Rumpler G.I bombers and the Austro-Hungarian Mickl F/R flying boat-the latter with colour profiles.Final part of RE8 unit markings with rear cover colour profiles and two master modellers take very different paths to create masterpieces from Roden's 1:48 scale Nieuport 28. Plenty of new kit reviews,latest books, Curtiss JN.4 archive and just who was Harry Tate? 


This was the first issue of 2009 and what a year that would prove to be for WWI modellers! Contents include Part 1 of Lance Krieg's Modelling Master Class covering tools and  references; plans features for the Short Bomber and Lohner Type P; Curtiss Canuck trainer colour profiles; Rise of Flight combat Sim and all the latest, greatest kits,books and decals!

LIMITED stocks of the July/August 2011 issue with a stunning Fokker D.VII repro' flying in Sweden the lead feature!Plus:Rigging techniques*Stow Maries comes back to life!*Nieuport 24 colour centre spread*Felixstowe Fury-ONE COPY ONLY...
Fokker monoplanes and French Hanriots dominate this first issue of 2012,along with detailed kit reviews and modelling know-how from expert contributors! VERY LOW STOCKS!

July/ August 2012 edition features a super-detailed 1:48 Roden SE5a, build log; more Master Class-this one on armament; WWI aeroplane colour controversies, MoS Type ANS scale plans and new colour profiles from Ronny Bar!


THE first Windsock for the year carries a great variety of top reference and modelling features.Hannover wing sweep*Sopwith Triplane profiles*FK12 plans feature *Harry Woodman remembered*Lance 's Modelling Master Class on added detail plus more!
THE first of the  new-look quarterly WINDSOCK. The Spring edition may look a little different, but the same high quality mix of WWI modelling ,reference, news, reviews and comment remains. Just five ex-file copies remain as of late 2022!


The third WS of 2014 [Volume 30,No.3] contains a wide range of great news ,features and reviews including 'Great War Paint No.14' on the 'Hannoveraner' with two pages of stunning profiles:Lance Krieg's build log of a 1914  Taube monoplane bedazzles the senses; WNW Albatros OAW diorama:WNW Hannover build log; Nieuport Duks monoplane plans feature and some exclusive archive photos of the DFW C.V!

Spring issue of  2015 carried lots of kit, decal and product reviews plus Lance Krieg's latest 1:48 scale scratchbuilt Bleriot and a unique plans feature on the Brandenburg W.20 U-boat fighter! 


Special Pup features for the Summer 2015 edition with WINGNUT WINGS model build, kit reviews, colour profiles and close-up details! Plus unique LFG V.19 Putbus plans feature.


Our third issue of 2015 contained a great mix of modelling know-how and high grade reference. We began a new series based on Harry Woodman's fully revised third edition of his classic plastic card modelling book which was never published -not to be missed! Plus Morane Saulnier parasols in colour!


Last few file copies of the AUTUMN 2016 issue from the very last year of Windsock publication. Includes eight pages of Harry Woodman's stellar plastic card modelling series,plus Camel and Ansaldo refs, kit reviews, photo shoot at Stow Maries and much more!


The very last issue of Windsock ever -WINTER 2016-contains the usual mix of high grade reference and modelling material with Camel and Pfalz colour profiles, conclusion of two popular series and exclusive reviews! And that's a wrap!!!