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OUR very first Wingnut Wings model special on the amazing 1:32 scale Gotha G.IV kit, first published in 2011, became an immediate top seller seller and is now in its third edition! Detailed build log of constructing,painting and rigging the big kit,plus feature articles on a London bombing raid; the type descibed in detail,archive photos;colour profiles; other Gotha kits and appendices.Highly acclaimed by customers and reviewers alike.
OUR second WINDSOCK Worldwide Modelling Special by Ray Rimell ! One of our top-selling titles this colour-filled 48 pager is simply packed with modelling know-how and exclusive reference! LAST 12 COPIES AND THEN THEY ARE GONE FOR GOOD-signed by the author...
OUR third in the popular Windsock Worldwide Modelling Special with all four of Wingnut Wings' superb Fokker D.VII kits covered in depth with new and exclusive supportive material -a veritable feast for any WWI aeromodeller!
Our fourth Windsock Modelling Special is laden with detailed build notes accompanied by dozens of step-by-step model photos, great archive material, new Ronny Bar profiles, a 1918 facsimile report on a captured AEG and much more!
Fifth title in the evergreen series with detailed build logs for F.1 and 2F.1 kits plus bonus material on the LVG CVI. Hundreds of colour profiles,detailed assembly and painting notes,Ronny Bar profiles and much more!
The perfect companion to Wingnut Wings release of April 2018! Detailed builder's log;scale plans;colour profiles and special sections on WNW modelling for beginners. Plus archive photos ,sketches and more.
The Sopwith Dolphin and reissued Pfalz D.IIIa kits are the subjects for our seventh WNW Special. Over 300 photos,model and full size, with all-new colour profiles,rigging notes, walkaround images,detailed appendices and more.
Wingnut Wings Special published to coincide with the September 2019 reissue of the popular Hannover Cl.II two seater!Over 190 images, highly detailed model build, new profiles, unique archive photo gallery and much, much more!
The Wingnut Wings Halberstadt CL.II is the subject of our ninth Modelling Special with over 200 illustrations,archive images,step-by-step build log photos,Ronny Bar profiles and more. Highlights include painting techniques,detail improvements,specialist decal applications and rigging.