NEW! FOKKER F.I/DR.I Model Special by Ray Rimell/ Richard Alexander


Windsocks Vols.1 - 4

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Second -ever issue of WIND-SOCK -photocopied original 30 pages plus colour chips. In very good condition-one copy only.
Our very first professionally-printed edition with Rumpler sketches ,colour chips and markings notes;looking back at the Renwal Aeroskin range; Guynemer's famous Nieuport plus vintage book and kit reviews-one only.
Final edition of 1985 with articles on the Russian Anatra biplane with photos and model kit review; free Rumpler C.IV paint chips and 1:72 scale RFC hangar plans! One copy only.
More great reader's models;AEG D.I plans feature;Pfalz D.XII colours;Bristol Fighter close-up;Anatra DS monotone drawings and photos -plus kit reviews,vintage adverts and more.One copy left in good condition.
The Summer 1987 number provides a photo study of the AW FK 8 Big Ack;Sopwith Salamander colours;converting the Airfix Hannover;1:72 scale Drachen plans ;Fokker D.VII aces and cockpit fittings plus vintage book and kit reviews!Slight creasing on cover but all 32 page plus covers are intact.
Another packed edition:RAF FE8 and LFG Roland D.VI photo features;Part 2 of B C Hucks;WWI types in Czech service;readers' models; French roundel colour paint chips;converting a Snipe to a Salamander; vintage book and kit reviews and more.One only in good condition.
With BE2C nightfighter photos and sketches; Albatros Dr.I conversion with plans; AEG G.IV bomber in close up with photo archive and two paint chips; concluding the Hucks bio'; rare Lloyd C.II photo archive; vintage book,kit and accessory reviews plus some really nostalgic adverts too!One only in good condition.
Fokker D.V plans feature by P M Grosz; French fabric with two paint chips; Udet's Fokker D.VII described by Dan San Abbott;rear cover D.VIIplate by the editor;stacks of books and kit reviews. One only in good condition.