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THE second edition of the first centenary year provides enthusiasts with a real tour de force of WWI modelling and reference.Our extended news section leads into our popular readers' gallery before the issue gets into its stride with a really superb large scale radio-controlled Avro 504K powered by a fully operational 1:4 scale Bentley rotary engine and the unique combination flies as well as it looks! The editor's third Coloured Thinking piece attempts to unravel the controversial colours of the German Roland C.II to support our detailed reviews of Wingnut's recent releases. Carefully-selected archive photos and three Ronny Bar profiles add further support.
Lance Krieg's 1914 semi-scratchbuilt Taube to 1:48 scale is a perfect 'Great War' centenary project that will inspire and impress in equal measure.Other highlights include a double page colourspread of post -war International Fokker D.VIIs;build notes for a 1:72  OEF D.III with George Haddow scale plans and some great archive images of engines and cockpits;plus there are reviews of some stunning kits from Wingnut, Encore and Choroszy Modelbud.The packed  issue closes with news of the latest scale pilot  figures and growing ranks of WWI military vehicle model kits  with aeronautical connexions. 

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The Austro-Hungarian Albatros , mount of so many Dual Monarchy aces is graphically profiled by Pete Grosz with dozens of rare archive photos.