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IN the first issue of 2014 there's a wealth of top-notch reference material and in-depth reviews to set a refreshed pattern for the rest of the anniversary year- and beyond.Our re-design has resulted in expanded news and review coverage and we have also reinstated our popular  competitions-this time a pair of Wingnut Wings Salmsons are the prizes! We conclude our detailed Rumpler C.III study with more photos,drawings and another exclusive Ronny Bar profile; our popular  Great War Paint series covers, appropriately enough, the 1914 Sopwith Tabloid with a terrific centre-spread;whilst the usual book,decal and accessory columns all feature. The kit review section has been overhauled with detailed appraisals of CSM,GasPatch and Wingnut Salsons,the WNW AMC DH9,and several others,all heavily supported by unique reference photos and drawings to provide points of detail for modellers of these exciting releases.

The main event,by Alan Toelle and Lance Krieg,offers chapter and verse on the WWI French five-colour camouflage colours with an exclusive paint-mixing chart plus a full,illustrated, background to this fascinating subject. Alan also presents a multi-view 1:48 scale Bleriot-built SPAD XIII colour set showing its  precise pattern. For modellers of the various Salmson kits,and many other late war French aeroplanes, this ground-breaking feature is the finest one-stop guide you'll find anywhere. With more great models from our readers,plus news of the  latest WWI repros heading to Stow Maries this year,our Spring number is one of our most packed editions yet!

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