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WINDSOCK World War Centenary Winter 2016
WINDSOCK World War Centenary Winter 2016 WINDSOCK World War Centenary Winter 2016 WINDSOCK World War Centenary Winter 2016 WINDSOCK World War Centenary Winter 2016

WINDSOCK World War Centenary Winter 2016

THE Winter edition of Windsock -the very last - concludes Harry Woodman's popular scratch-building series with nine packed pages covering finishing,airbrushing,weathering,markings,white metal and photo-etch details: sketches ,model and rare archive photos predominate to provide a fitting finale to the  late master modeller's exemplary contributions to our hobby. Greg Van Wyngarden returns to the ever-evolving colours of Pfalz D.III 1370/17 which was one of the lead features in our very first Windsock issue published in 1985-rare photos and new Ronny Bar artwork add gravitas to this new take on an old favourite.The wheel has indeed turned full circle...
Elsewhere, Lance Krieg models a very special Nieuport 28; David Byers describes the American WWI soft shell flying helmets and we have the third and final part of the Sopwith Camel Warpaint series with another great double page spread of colour profiles by Arvo Vercamer.There's a report on WWI aeroplane models at the recent IPMS Nationals in the USA;an extended book review section;more fabulous readers' models;new figures and accessories, plus a Kitbag which takes a good look at CSM's Sopwith Dolphin,another Mirage Halberstadt,the lacklustre Merit SPAD XIII in 1:24 scale and some great little Zeppelin kits from Mach 1 Models. All this and more in the last ever issue of WINDSOCK issue full of the  quality material that regular readers have come to expect from over three decades of regular  publication...Thanks to all our customers for their loyal support over the years.

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