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WINDSOCK World War Centenary Spring 2016  

WINDSOCK World War Centenary Spring 2016

Top features for Volume 32, No.1 include the third installment of Harry Woodman's heavily -updated and revised Modelling Vintage Aircraft in Plastic Card series with coverage of fuselage construction techniques;wing forming the easy way;tail surfaces and airscrews: plenty of sketches, model photos and some great archive images support the narrative. David A Byers describes the classic Roold aviators'  helmet; there's a wartime  picture post card album page and our 16th Great War Paint begins a two-parter on the Caudron G.3 with a magnificent collection of colour profiles across the issue's centrespread.Elsewhere Greg Van Wyngarden reviews some amazing WW1 German movies available on the web that are guaranteed to astonish with their quality and sheer variety
In other pages: Kitbag presents  assessments of the Wingnut Wings post-war 'Ninak' and an extended appraisal of their recently -issued Albatros B.II-a three page photo archive devoted to the type is another main feature-and we also take a candid look at Merit's first 1:24 scale releases -the Fokker Triplane and RAF SE 5a.. The latest WW1 aeronautical figures and accessories are also covered in this packed edition. 

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