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WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.5  

WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.5

 THIS issue includes  an appraisal of Gotha's asymmetric G.VI; a colour feature on the Fokker E.V in Polish service, and the A-Z WWI model kit survey continues with Bristol and Caproni.Other highlights are a Zeppelin C.II plans feature with 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings by Ian Stair;Harry Woodman on Russian airborne gun mountings; a Sopwith Pup photo page, and Jon Guttman's unique story of Esc. N.37's Chinese air ace Etienne Tsu with photos and colour profiles.Ray Rimell provides detailed modelling notes on creating a 1:72 scale Staaken R.VI Giant bomber based on the Contrail vacfrom kit, and all the usual kit reviews are rounded off by colour close-ups of the AWM Pfalz D.XII.

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95. Staaken R.VI95. Staaken R.VI
The best -known giant R-Plane of WWI, the enormous four-engined Staaken R.VI took part in a number of successful bombing raids on England in 1918.