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WINDSOCK International Vol.4, No.2, Summer 1988 (h)
WINDSOCK International Vol.4, No.2, Summer 1988 (h)

WINDSOCK International Vol.4, No.2, Summer 1988 (h)

THIS  packed 44 page issue leads with a  special  feature on  Sopwith Comic nightfighters with 1:72 scale plans,
ten photos and three colour profiles on the rear covers to support the colour notes. The first of two modelling articles details the build of a white metal Aviatik D.I fighter with notes on applying 'hex' camouflage, accompanied by archive photos and step-by-step images. Next up is a conversion showing how to create an Albatros D.IV from a 1:72 scale Revell Albatros D.III married to Airfix DH4  wings-sounds crazy but it works! Scale drawings and archive photos are provided.The Vickers FB5 is the second of our Plane Portraits series with four photos and a highly-detailed centrespread cutaway drawing that will be invaluable to modellers of this classic pusher. We also look at the thorny topic of PC10 colours and provide a pair of actual paint chips. This landmark issue also includes a dozen pages showcasing readers' models;Voisin photo archive plus stacks of kit,decal and book reviews-check out the period adverts too! Slightly worn but complete.

Our Price: £30.00

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