NEW! FOKKER F.I/DR.I Model Special by Ray Rimell/ Richard Alexander


Windsock Vol. 12 - Vol.30- BACK NUMBERS!

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This 1988 edition was our second WIND-SOCK to present full-colour cover plates including three  nightfighter  Sopwith Camels profiles to support this edition's main plans feature. We show how to model a white metal metal Berg D.I kit and apply its 'hex'camouflage decals; there's a semi-scratchbuilt Albatros D.IV model; Vickers FB5 cutaway and Fabric has  all the  'dope' on PC10 complete with two paint chips!

Felixstowe Pt.2 * Blackburn Blackburd plans feature with 1:72 GAs * Italian Nieuport 17 and 27 markings with 13 colour profiles! * Fokker streaky camouflage and brand new revisionist colour profiles * 2003 DF publishing programme and more!