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WIND-SOCK Vol 1,No.2 Summer '85 (h)WIND-SOCK Vol 1,No.2 Summer '85 (h)
Second -ever issue of WIND-SOCK -photocopied original 30 pages plus colour chips. In very good condition-one copy only.
WIND-SOCK Vol.1,No.3,AUTUMN 1985  (h)WIND-SOCK Vol.1,No.3,AUTUMN 1985 (h)
Our very first professionally-printed edition with Rumpler sketches ,colour chips and markings notes;looking back at the Renwal Aeroskin range; Guynemer's famous Nieuport plus vintage book and kit reviews-one only.
WIND-SOCK Vol.1,No.4,WINTER 1985 (h)WIND-SOCK Vol.1,No.4,WINTER 1985 (h)
Final edition of 1985 with articles on the Russian Anatra biplane with photos and model kit review; free Rumpler C.IV paint chips and 1:72 scale RFC hangar plans! One copy only.
WIND-SOCK Vol.2, No.4 WINTER 1986 (h)WIND-SOCK Vol.2, No.4 WINTER 1986 (h)
More great reader's models;AEG D.I plans feature;Pfalz D.XII colours;Bristol Fighter close-up;Anatra DS monotone drawings and photos -plus kit reviews,vintage adverts and more.One copy left in good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.3, No.1,Spring 1987(h)WINDSOCK International Vol.3, No.1,Spring 1987(h)
First of our 1987 issues: DFW single-seaters;London Colney's BE2e;Readers' models and letters;B C Hucks bio. ;PC12 colours;Building a vacform T.28 Flea;Pfalz D.XV plans feature;Trainer Pup scheme plus kit and book reviews.Fair condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.3, No.2  Summer 1987 (h)WINDSOCK International Vol.3, No.2 Summer 1987 (h)
The Summer 1987 number provides a photo study of the AW FK 8 Big Ack;Sopwith Salamander colours;converting the Airfix Hannover;1:72 scale Drachen plans ;Fokker D.VII aces and cockpit fittings plus vintage book and kit reviews!Slight creasing on cover but all 32 page plus covers are intact.
WINDSOCK International Vol.3,No.3, Autumn  1987(h)WINDSOCK International Vol.3,No.3, Autumn 1987(h)
Another packed edition:RAF FE8 and LFG Roland D.VI photo features;Part 2 of B C Hucks;WWI types in Czech service;readers' models; French roundel colour paint chips;converting a Snipe to a Salamander; vintage book and kit reviews and more.One only in good condition.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.3, No.4,Winter 1987(h)WINDSOCK International, Vol.3, No.4,Winter 1987(h)
With BE2C nightfighter photos and sketches; Albatros Dr.I conversion with plans; AEG G.IV bomber in close up with photo archive and two paint chips; concluding the Hucks bio'; rare Lloyd C.II photo archive; vintage book,kit and accessory reviews plus some really nostalgic adverts too!One only in good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.4, No.4, Winter 1988 (h)WINDSOCK International Vol.4, No.4, Winter 1988 (h)
Fokker D.V plans feature by P M Grosz; French fabric with two paint chips; Udet's Fokker D.VII described by Dan San Abbott;rear cover D.VIIplate by the editor;stacks of books and kit reviews. One only in good condition.