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WIND-SOCK Vol.2, No.3, AUTUMN 1986(h)
WIND-SOCK Vol.2, No.3, AUTUMN 1986(h) WIND-SOCK Vol.2, No.3, AUTUMN 1986(h)

WIND-SOCK Vol.2, No.3, AUTUMN 1986(h)

THIS  issue kicks off with a page of readers' models with five excellent examples, the first of hundreds that we showcased over the years.Aside from a packed review section of classic WWI books,the editor builds a rare 1:72 scale resin Berg D.I fighter with step-by-step photos,archive airframe component images and colour notes and we present Jack Bruce's  1:72 scale plans of the amazing AD Scout pusher fighter of 1915. On other pages are descriptions of early Nieuport colours with paint chips unknowingly prepared by the editor at the time which he  based on since-discredited Rodney Gerrard material.* The JMB/GSL photo collection offers eight archive images  of the RAF BE2 (including a rare outside cover portrait) and Ray Rimell looks at the Halberstadt CL.IV with a few modelling suggestions and a page of monotone profiles providing a choice of four schemes-six rare archive photos accompany the piece.Our review column 'Fresh Dope' concentrates on Expomodels'vacform AD Sparrow scout with Ray building the kit and offering some useful pointers in painting the plain linen-covered airframe.Also assessed are  C A Atkins' all-metal Berg D.I-see side illustration;Merlin DH5;ClassicPlane DFW C.V and Roseplane Le Pere Lusac.Full of fascinating vintage adverts announcing the many short-run kits being produced back then,this is another fascinating glimpse of modelling days long gone. The mildly- creased example also includes an original sales leaflet for the very first pair of Datafiles on the Albatros D..III and Sopwith Pup...

NB: * See images at left for the full sorry story...

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