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von Richthofen's Flying Circus  

von Richthofen's Flying Circus

THIS universally- acclaimed Special, published in 1994, became an instant hit with model enthusiasts and soon sold out. Subtitled 'Colours and markings of Jagdgeschwader Nr.I', the very title of this book conjures up the iconic image of Germany's legendary WWI air ace in his scarlet Albatros or Fokker Triplane leading formations of equally colourful warplanes over the muddy,pock-marked battlegrounds of the Western Front.JG.I was Germany's first fighter wing comprising four squadrons:Jastas 4,6,10 and 11,whose pilots,under their revered leader Manfred von Richthofen,proved such formidable opponents for Allied flyers in 1917-1918.

Greg VanWyngarden provides extensive coverage of JG.I' s fighter aeroplanes in an unrivalled collective reference package. Over 178 archive photos,a dozen line drawings and more than eight pages of exacting colour profiles provide scale modellers and enthusiasts with over 30 authentic colour schemes for the best known German aeroplanes of 'The Great War'.Comprising 64 pages plus covers,we have just one copy of this classic book available in very  good condition and signed by Ray Rimell.

Our Price: £60.00