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Volume 25 No.5 - Sept/Oct 2009  

Volume 25 No.5 - Sept/Oct 2009

WORLD EXCLUSIVE! We talk to  Sir Peter Jackson and Richard Alexander in their first-ever modelling press interview !

OUR wide-ranging and exclusive interviews with Sir Peter Jackson and Richard Alexander of Wingnut Wings reveal not only the secrets behind their astonishing range of 1:32 scale kits, but also offer advance detail of  more exciting new models in long-term preparation! Profusely-illustrated , sharp -eyed readers may spot clues revealing the shape of things to come! 

Also in this all-colour edition, a super-detailed six-page full colour look at a 100% accurate SPAD XIII repro’ built in the USA-over 44 photos!-  the Albatros G.III is drawn by Ian Stair to 1:72  and George Haddow continues his Austro-Hungarian Naval aeroplane series ( No.20)  to draw and describe the Phonix D.III single seat fighters with ten photos and a page of colour profiles by Bob Pearson. On other pages,Lance Krieg continues his popular modelling series with more ‘enginuity’ in the second part of a detailed look at modelling powerplants in four densely-illustrated pages  and we witness an engine run on Koloman Mayrhofer's  repro’ Austrian OEF D.III fighter! All these, plus detailed book and kit reviews make this a stand-out issue not to be missed!

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The Austro-Hungarian Albatros , mount of so many Dual Monarchy aces is graphically profiled by Pete Grosz with dozens of rare archive photos.
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Superb scale plans by Doug Carrick, 66 archive photos, over 30 close-ups, detailed camouflage drawings and a kit survey combine to present an unrivalled one-stop reference on the famous French fighter!.
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Superior to both the OEF D.III and Aviatik D.I, the Phönix fighters were flown by many leading air aces of the Dual Monarchy in WWI. Includes scale drawings and colour profiles.
Volume 25 No. 2 - Mar/Apr 2009*REPRINT!Volume 25 No. 2 - Mar/Apr 2009*REPRINT!
LIMITED EDITION REPRINT! Very limited availability, all-colour collectors' issue! 40 pages with world- exclusive coverage of the first four exciting 1:32 scale WWI releases from Wingnut Wings in 2009 ! Over 250 colour photos and four Ronny Bar profiles offer a great package that first introduced WNW to the world!