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Jack M Bruce covers the classic "Biff" in the second of two specials.
Jack M Bruce covers the classic "Biff" in the first of two packed specials.
OUR first Eindecker Compendium provides the most exhaustive coverage of the iconic A.I and E.I German monoplane fighters ever presented. Packed with rare photos plus unique drawings and colour plates.56 pages plus covers. ONLY A DOZEN MINT COPIES REMAIN!
Les A Rogers brings together his extensive knowledge and archive database to present unit-by-unit coverage of the famous RAF-designed fighters. Last five copies!

The fabulous Fokker D.VII is lavishly chronicled in this ground-breaking Special with dozens of photos; scale drawings, a cockpit cutaway and no less than 12 Jastas covered with over eight pages of colour profiles, plus cowling drawings and more! 68 packed pages. Last two copies-both signed by editor Ray Rimell.


Peter M Grosz chronicles the early biplane Fokker fighters from  D.I to D.IV with six colour profiles;over 105 rare photos and full descriptive texts.Plus scale drawings in 1:48 and 1:72 scales.


Greg VanWyngarden covers no less than 18 Jastas that operated the iconic Fokker Triplane over the Western Front in 1917 and 1918. One of our best ever sellers and the ultimate colours and markings guide for all Fokker Triplane modellers!
A E (Ed) Ferko's superb and richly illustrated study of Germany's leading fighter pilot, which also includes detailed appendices and notes.
Jack M Bruce documents the classic design, long time favourite of flying scale modellers worldwide. One of our most popular titles with over 10,000 copies sold!
Glen K Merrill tells the full story of Jasta 5, one of Germany's crack air units in WWI. This is the first of two volumes;7000 copies already sold!
Glen K Merrill tells the full story of Jasta 5, one of Germany's crack air units in WWI. This is the second of two volumes, of which over 7000 copies have already sold!
Our fourth Windsock Modelling Special is laden with detailed build notes accompanied by dozens of step-by-step model photos, great archive material, new Ronny Bar profiles, a 1918 facsimile report on a captured AEG and much more!
OUR latest Zeppelin Special is now here! 78 packed pages chart the stories of over two dozen early war airships with scores of rare photos, scale fold-out plans, colour profiles and more. This truly unique publication is published as our contribution to the WWI Centenary.
A special edition featuring fully revised versions of all four of our original 1985 Volume 1 issues! LIMITED STOCKS!
AVAILABLE again! 1918 facsimile of the original British report on the German Mercedes engine with sketches and photos!
Ray Rimell's acclaimed biography of Lt. William Leefe Robinson who brought down the first German airship on British soil in WWI. Profusely illustrated, the life and career of the modest young airman is meticulously recorded with material and rare photos from the family archives. Hardbound and signed by the author. SPECIAL OFFER! Now ONLY £10.00 ( was £14.95)!
Peter M Grosz profiles the famous German 'V'-strutter as never before.
Alan D Toelle's superb and unique 80 page chronicle depicts over 30 different Breguets in 12 pages of stunning colour plates and over 140 rare archive mages. Simply the best reference available!
Almost a dozen experimental Albatros fighters of WWI are drawn and described in this unique title- a must for scratchbuilders!
Detailed coverage of the D.VII's from multiple Jastas, with contributions from leading experts.
The third of three volume profiles Albatros-built D.VII's.
Harry Woodman provides plans, sketches and rare photos of the famous multi-engine Russian Muromets .
Jack M Bruce presents the second of two volumes covering the Nieuport fighters.
Jack M Bruce's stunning 48 page reference provides unmatched detail for the classic WWI fighter as flown by the top aces.
Les A Rogers details the famous Sopwith Camel fighter. Perfect colours' reference for this year's big scale WNW and Merit Camel kits!
Jack M Bruce provides a truly comprehensive monograph on this well-known British bomber with over 100 archive photos lending support.
Ray Rimell covers six unique WWI subjects, all of them supported by 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans by Ian Stair and Colin Owers together with photos and colour plates.
Peter Cooksley and Bruce Robertson show just how WWI British airscrews were produced in this fascinating illustrated history.
The perfect companion to Wingnut Wings release of April 2018! Detailed builder's log;scale plans;colour profiles and special sections on WNW modelling for beginners. Plus archive photos ,sketches and more.
OUR third in the popular Windsock Worldwide Modelling Special with all four of Wingnut Wings' superb Fokker D.VII kits covered in depth with new and exclusive supportive material -a veritable feast for any WWI aeromodeller!

 Now available the first volume in our new  FOKKER F.I/DR.I series of scale modelling Anthologies! 72 pages plus covers and crammed with model build articles, great reference photos, new colour profiles, build logs for Meng kits; 1:32/1:24 scale Fokker kit reviews; colours discussion; WNW design insights; airfield and railway dioramas and so much more!


Peter M Grosz documents the famous German bomber from the G.II to the G.Vb.Scores of photos,scale drawings and unique colour profiles. Back in stock January 2022-only 10 copies left!
OUR very first Wingnut Wings model special on the amazing 1:32 scale Gotha G.IV kit, first published in 2011, became an immediate top seller seller and is now in its third edition! Detailed build log of constructing,painting and rigging the big kit,plus feature articles on a London bombing raid; the type descibed in detail,archive photos;colour profiles; other Gotha kits and appendices.Highly acclaimed by customers and reviewers alike.