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WRITTEN  by Ray Rimell and published in 1988, the fourth Aeroguide Classic profiles the legendary 'Stringbag', a distinctive early carrier-borne biplane that although outdated by WW2 nevertheless performed some  legendary exploits. Swordfish crews scored spectacular successes against the German battleship Bismarck, the Italian fleet at Taranto and the suicidal missions against German naval units in the infamous 'Channel Dash'. This heavily-illustrated profile is an absolute must for any modeller building the most recent kits from Tamiya, Trumpeter and Airfix with with over 28 archive images;over 70 specially taken close-ups covering all parts of the structure as well as cockpits of the airworthy FAAM example;a centre-spread cutaway fully annotated;full camouflage pattern schematics and four line and tone drawings of markings examples. The rear cover boasts a colour profile of L2826  from No.802 NAS on HMS Ark Royal circa 1939.
 Two copies available ,both signed by the author and  in good condition. Some fading and wear on the covers but complete in every way.

Our Price: £17.50