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The late A E (Ed) Ferko's superb and richly-illustrated study of Germany's leading fighter pilot, which also includes detailed appendices and notes to support the unique narrative. Includes 15 colour profiles of the aircraft most associated with der rote kampflieger, plus a detailed discussion of that fateful April day...84 pages of  pure aviation history at its best.


Near mint copy of the 1998 reprint of our most popular Special boasts 40 pages packed with archive photos, 1918 sketches drawn from life; eight pages of colour profiles;1:48/1:72 scale drawings; centre-spread cutaway drawing; colour notes and a Triplane model kit survey taking us up the year of publication. Slight creasing and an insignificant small nick on front cover and one or two early pages but otherwise complete. One only...


RARE 1991 first edition of WINDSOCK DATAFILE SPECIAL -ALBATROS Fighters -that contained photos, plans,data,sketches and colour plates covering the renowned series of Albatros fighters of WWI: Albatrosse D.I/D.II/D.III/D.V and D.Va. With 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings; contemporary detail sketches; camouflage and markings data; colour profiles,line drawings and model kit listings up to the first year of publication.  


Peter M Grosz chronicles the early biplane Fokker fighters from  D.I to D.IV with six colour profiles;over 105 rare archive photos and full descriptive texts. Detailed scale drawings in 1:48 and 1:72 scale by Ian Stair showcase the major versions, there are exhaustive appendices and an extended colours and markings section by series editor Ray Rimell supporting  seven unique colour profiles. All the remaining few copies are in mint condition.


Superb and highly detailed and illustrated monograph by Peter Grosz covers the early Halberstadt D.II,D.III and  D.V biplane fighters,the prototype being the very first D-Type fighter accepted by the German air service.Over 80 photos, plus detailed scale plans and seven colour profiles together  with Argus engine details. 


Jon Guttman relates the amazing story of America's volunteer airmen in WWI; the famed Lafayette Escadrille Nieuport flyers.With over 55 period photos; 35 all-new colour profiles and eight pages of 1:32 scale plans detailing four variants: Nie:11/16/17 and 21 this is a must for Nieuport fans!


51 archive photos and 28 historical close-ups of the sole surviving example before it went to New Zealand. With 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans by Ian Stair together with colours and markings notes to support the editor's three rear cover colour profiles.


THE legendary  Fokker  E.V/D.VIII  arrived too late to make a big impact on the first air war, but it has remained a firm modeller's favourite over many decades with several hyper-accurate flying reproductions also having been built in Germany and New Zealand in recent years. One of our most popular WWI German fighter references with over 90 photos, detailed plans and three colour profiles. 


The late war Siemens Schuckert D.III and D.IV fighters were truly revolutionary and Peter Grosz has their full story! Dozens of rare photos, plus detailed 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans with colour data and three colour profiles. 36 page plus covers-latter slightly creased but complete.


THE  classic RAF  SE5 that proved itself with No.56 Squadron pilots in 1917. One copy remaining-this is a first edition too!


Truly ground-breaking for its time, the all-metal corrugated aluminium Junkers D.I fighter never enjoyed much service use in wartime but marked a significant leap forward in aeronautical development and sired a long series of famous types that became some of the longest-serving aircraft in history. This unique DATAFILE covers its history with over 70 rare archive and close-up images; plans in two scales plus colours and markings data,three colour profiles and a model kit survey that establishes its popularity with kit manufacturers. 


Jon Guttman has the full story of the Nieuport 28, one of the war's best -looking fighters. Rejected by its country of origin, it achieved fame as the first American -serving fighter aircraft .Covers a little creased, but this first edition is complete.


The clinker-built (lapstrake) wood fuselages of the late-war Roland D.VI-D.XV fighters was akin to the famous Norse longboats sailed many centuries before. Full service, technical and background data provide the perfect reference for anyone building scale models of the D.VI and D.VIb versions for which Ian Stair's scale plans present accurate multi-views. Colours and markings are covered and there are three rear cover colour profiles of D.VIb machines along with a model kit survey. In good condition with the outer covers only very slightly creased.


Second edition of the classic Peter M Grosz DF on 'The Flying Furniture Van'-the ground-breaking armoured all- metal Junkers J.I -VERY LIMITED STOCK!

The classic RFC DH2  pusher fighter DATAFILE profiled by Barry Gray was reprinted due to popularity and we have just one remaining copy of the second edition!  Includes highly detailed scale drawings in 1:48 and 1:72 and over 85 rare archive photos,plus sketches, rigging diagrams and three great colour profiles. One only.
Recently found ,a small damaged box of classic Dolphin Datafiles! Creased in one upper corner, these last examples are being offered at a discounted price as befits their condition. Other than the defects they are complete.


The Vickers FB .5 two-seat pusher  is one of WWI's immortal aircraft and a VC was awarded to an FB.5 pilot. Unmatched  historical narrative by J M Bruce with over 77 photos, plus detailed scale plans, official handbook sketches and three rear cover colour profiles make for another DATAFILE classic with less than half a dozen copies left in print!

 One of the German Navy's most potent seaplane fighters, the W 12 saw widespread service in the North Sea and proved a real thorn in the side of the British Royal Navy...One of our most popular titles, now in its second reprint..

Rare copy of DATAFILE 65-a single remaining first edition from 1997. The cover spine is creased but the book is complete in every way with its totally unique and historic content. Over 80 photos, many being vital rare close-ups, together with over a dozen pages of scale drawings, plus detailed colour notes and three colour profiles. Just the one copy still available.

An attempt to power up the 2c, the 12's wartime career was one of mixed fortunes here studiously recounted by top historian J M Bruce with the aid of official documents and records. With extra pages, the book covers all variants with over 90 photos and nine pages of scale plans...LIMITED STOCK...
The DH9 proved inferior to its DH4 predecessor but nevertheless saw widespread service in the latter stages of the war. Perfect reference for modellers of the 'Nine' with many close- up airframe images and detailed scale drawings across the centre pages..VERY LIMITED STOCK!
This well known German seaplane was probably the most extensively-built machine of its type in WWI and this excellent DATAFILE is chock full of rare photos and drawings fully documenting these enigmatic seafarers. Final clearance of limited stock...
The Albatros-built version of the C.XII is covered with over 70 rare photos. This was the last DF that PMG wrote for us before his sad passing-very limited supply.
Colin Owers traces the history of the iconic biplane in detail in the first of two volumes.
The famous American trainer and barnstormer is covered in the second of two volumes of which less than two dozen copies remain....
* Paolo Varialle details the amazing French Voisin in 40 pages plus covers * Over 90 unique photos illustrating Voisins in WWI service with four nations * 8 pages of detailed 1:48/1:72 scale planes * Colour profiles * Detailed appendices and colours data. EXTREMELY LOW STOCKS!
Colin Owers describes the spindly Kangaroo, its wartime exploits and peacetime career. Detailed scale plans in 1:48 /1:72, handbook sketches, colour notes and more. Over 64 photos. Very low stocks...
Image-laden reference for the long-serving day-bomber with extra colour profiles and close-up airframe details. Limited mint stock available.
Second volume of our 'Ninak' coverage with over 100 colour and archive photos, more than seven pages of drawings, plus three pages of colour profiles. Limited stock now available!
Four rare late-war versions from the Gotha series of German bombers are covered in depth by Colin A Owers with over 75 rare images; detailed 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings and three unique colour profiles by Ronny Bar. An excellent resource for modellers building the Project Bat GL.VII kits!

THE immortal RAF RE8 reconnaissance two-seater revisited in one of our most heavily- illustrated publications! Only a few left!