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WINDSOCK International, Vol 5, No.4WINDSOCK International, Vol 5, No.4
LAST copy of the Winter 1989 edition-this one has rare WWI colour photos! Good condition.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.7,No.1WINDSOCK International, Vol.7,No.1
LAST remaining copy of the Jan/Feb 1991 edition;creased covers but complete.
WINDSOCK International,Vol.7,No.5.WINDSOCK International,Vol.7,No.5.
LAST remaining copies of the Sept/Oct 1991 edition. Good condition with slightly creased covers; some marks.
WINDSOCK International,Vol 8,No 1WINDSOCK International,Vol 8,No 1
THE first issue of 1992. Only one copy available.Faded in places but complete.
WINDSOCK International,Vol.8,No.2WINDSOCK International,Vol.8,No.2
WITH plans feature on the Knoller C.II,this 1992 number is down to just one copy.Good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.8,No.4WINDSOCK International Vol.8,No.4
Last copies of the July/August 1992 edition,all with slightly creased covers but complete.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.9,No.1WINDSOCK International, Vol.9,No.1
OUR first issue of 1993 with stacks of diverse content.Limited availability, some copies faded but complete.
WINDSOCK International,Vol.9,No.2WINDSOCK International,Vol.9,No.2
March/April 1993 edition.Last remaining copies,all with slightly worn covers but complete.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.9, No.3WINDSOCK International, Vol.9, No.3
THE May/June 1993 edition. Only four copies remaining in fair condition-slightly worn but complete.
WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.4WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.4
THIS is the July/August 1993 issue. Final file copies,all slightly worn around the covers.
WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.5WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.5
Special Zeppelin aircraft features and a Chinese air ace mark this edition. Faded and slightly creased copy but a complete one...
WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.6WINDSOCK International Vol.9,No.6
THIS is our Nov/Dec 1993 edition. SOLD OUT 1 MARCH 2016.
WINDSOCK International,Vol. 10,No.1WINDSOCK International,Vol. 10,No.1
THE Jan/Feb 1994 edition. Only one copy-in GC...
WINDSOCK International Vol.10, No.3WINDSOCK International Vol.10, No.3
Two copies only-both in good condition.The May/June 1994 issue leads with more genuine WWI instruments in colour.
WINDSOCK International, Vol.10,No.4WINDSOCK International, Vol.10,No.4
July/August 1994 edition.Slightly faded copies but otherwise good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.10, No.6 Special pusher features!WINDSOCK International Vol.10, No.6 Special pusher features!
LAST issue of 1994. All in good condition apart from slightly creased covers. Limited availability...
WINDSOCK International Vol.11, No.3WINDSOCK International Vol.11, No.3
Last two copies of the May/ June 1995 edition.36 pages plus covers.Slightly creased but intact.
WINDSOCK International, Vol. 11,No.4.WINDSOCK International, Vol. 11,No.4.
THE pink one ! With Pfalz D.VIII plans and photos!
WINDSOCK International Vol.11, No.6WINDSOCK International Vol.11, No.6
LAST three copies,mildly foxed covers but otherwise in good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.1WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.1
Four plans features in this packed edition! Plus Revell 1:28 D.VII review,German aircraft in Russia and some great reference photos!
WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.2WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.2
One only of the March/April 1996 edition. Slight creasing, and failed staple binding , but otherwise good condition.
WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.4WINDSOCK International Vol.12, No.4
THE covers may be a little jaded but the contents are as bright as ever. The July/ August 1996 edition. One only!
WINDSOCK Worldwide,Vol.23, No.2WINDSOCK Worldwide,Vol.23, No.2
Last copy of the March/April 2007 issue with special SE5A features and Roden kit review.
WINDSOCK Worldwide Vol.23, No.6WINDSOCK Worldwide Vol.23, No.6
One copy only of the Nov/ Dec 2007 edition with Phonix Type A.1 and A.2 plans feature. Slight cockling of front cover due to moisture but complete.
WINDSOCK Worldwide Vol.26, No.2WINDSOCK Worldwide Vol.26, No.2
We have just 3 copies left of the March/ April 2010 edition with its exclusive Blue Max Pfalz cover !
WINDSOCK Worldwide, Vol.26, No.3WINDSOCK Worldwide, Vol.26, No.3
Last few file copies of the May/June 2010 edition-all in good condition.
WINDSOCK Worldwide,Vol.27, No.2WINDSOCK Worldwide,Vol.27, No.2
Special Brandenburg features plus Lance Krieg on scale airframes. Expanded kit and decal reviews too!
WINDSOCK Worldwide, Vol.27, No.3WINDSOCK Worldwide, Vol.27, No.3
THE May/June 2011 edition was a quick sell-out but we have a few remaing copies left-all in good condition.
WINDSOCK Worldwide Vol.27,No.4WINDSOCK Worldwide Vol.27,No.4
LIMITED stocks of the July/August 2011 issue with a stunning Fokker D.VII repro' flying in Sweden the lead feature!
WINDSOCK Worldwide, Vol.27, No.6WINDSOCK Worldwide, Vol.27, No.6
Extra pages for this special issue with the WNW FE2b build log. Slight defect on front cover but otherwise GC.