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DFW T28 FleaDFW T28 Flea
Windsock Mini Datafile 18 by Peter M Grosz covers WWI's most enigmatic mini-fighter, the diminutive DFW T 28 nicknamed the 'flea'.Includes accurate scale drawings and colour profiles.
Italian National MarkingsItalian National Markings
Windsock Mini Datafile 17 by Gregory Alegi describes the history of WWI Italian markings-the perfect background to our popular Italian aircraft DATAFILES!
WW1 Guns: German Observers' GunsWW1 Guns: German Observers' Guns
Windsock Mini Datafile 16 by Harry Woodman is a reference for the Parabellum and Bergmann guns and others.
Ansaldo BabyAnsaldo Baby
Windsock Mini Datafile 15 by Gregory Alegi provides the ultimate reference with over 20 rare photos and contemporary drawings along with detailed scale drawings and three colour profiles.
Rumpler D.IRumpler D.I
Windsock Mini Datafile 14 by Peter M Grosz covers a late-war German fighter design of great promise, but which was destined to never see service.Over 30 rare photos and four pages of drawings.
Armstrong Whitworth FK.3Armstrong Whitworth FK.3
Windsock Mini Datafile 13 by Jack M Bruce profiles the 1915 'Little Ack' in 16 pages with over 45 archive photos, scale drawings,colour profiles and official rigging notes.
Dornier D.IDornier D.I
Windsock Mini Datafile 12 by Peter M Grosz covers the all-metal cantilever design that would help revolutionise aeroplane structures after WWI.Includes scale plans and colour profiles...
Windsock Mini Datafile 11 profiles the Fokker D.V that proved its worth as a first class trainer for German airmen in WWI. This well-illustrated monograph includes many photos, scale plans and colour profiles on the rear covers.
Sopwith TabloidSopwith Tabloid
Windsock Mini Datafile 9 by Jack M Bruce records the history of this popular early Sopwith fighter design with over 30 rare photos,contemprary works drawings ,scale plans and a colour plate.
Martin KittenMartin Kitten
Windsock Mini Datafile 8 by Jon Guttman covers the diminutive biplane that pioneered the semi-retractable undercarriage and wingtip ailerons.
WW1 Guns: Vickers GunsWW1 Guns: Vickers Guns
Windsock Mini Datafile 6 by Harry Woodman provides many detail photos.
Morane Saulnier AIMorane Saulnier AI
Windsock Mini Datafile 5 by Jack M Bruce covers a racy high wing monoplane fighter of striking design.
Spad A.2/A.4Spad A.2/A.4
Windsock Mini Datafile 4 by Jack M Bruce profiles details the curious Spad pulpit fighters with the gunner's cockpit ahead of the engine and airscrew!
WW1 Guns: Lewis GunsWW1 Guns: Lewis Guns
Windsock Mini Datafile 3 by Harry Woodman is a must have for modellers.
Windsock Mini Datafile 2 by Peter M Grosz covers a revolutionary WWI helicopter design of 1918!