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OUR very first Wingnut Wings model special on the amazing 1:32 scale Gotha G.IV kit, first published in 2011, became an immediate top seller seller and is now in its third edition! Detailed build log of constructing,painting and rigging the big kit,plus feature articles on a London bombing raid; the type descibed in detail,archive photos;colour profiles; other Gotha kits and appendices.Highly acclaimed by customers and reviewers alike.
OUR second WINDSOCK Worldwide Modelling Special by Ray Rimell ! One of our top-selling titles this colour-filled 48 pager is simply packed with modelling know-how and exclusive reference! LAST 12 COPIES AND THEN THEY ARE GONE FOR GOOD-signed by the author...
Wingnut Wings Special published to coincide with the September 2019 reissue of the popular Hannover Cl.II two seater!Over 190 images, highly detailed model build, new profiles, unique archive photo gallery and much, much more!
The perfect companion to Wingnut Wings release of April 2018! Detailed builder's log;scale plans;colour profiles and special sections on WNW modelling for beginners. Plus archive photos ,sketches and more.
Glen K Merrill tells the full story of Jasta 5, one of Germany's crack air units in WWI. This is the second of two volumes, of which over 7000 copies have already sold!
Glen K Merrill tells the full story of Jasta 5, one of Germany's crack air units in WWI. This is the first of two volumes;7000 copies already sold!
Now in its third printing, this is the ultimate Camel reference and remains one of our best sellers in constant demand! Includes many close-up detail photos,a double page cutaway drawing,scale plans and three colour profiles.
Les A Rogers details the famous Sopwith Camel fighter. Perfect colours' reference for this year's big scale WNW and Merit Camel kits!
The famous Navalized version of the mercurial Sopwith Camel is given 4-star treatment by Colin Owers in this all-new revisionist monograph.
The classic WWI two seater is covered by expert Peter M Grosz with six pages of detailed GAs in 1:48 and 1:72.Just the perfect reference for the Wingnut Wings kit released inDecember 20161Poland and Sweden.
'One of the truly great aircraft of the First World War' was how author Peter M Grosz summed up the DFW C.V and in this lavishly-illustrated monograph he explains just why. Thousands were built and it proved a highly versatile and long- serving reconnaissance aircraft.
Jack M Bruce's stunning 48 page reference provides unmatched detail for the classic WWI fighter as flown by the top aces.
Les A Rogers brings together his extensive knowledge and archive database to present unit-by-unit coverage of the famous fighters. Last few copies-expected to sell out Autumn 2021!
Jack M Bruce covers the classic "Biff" in the first of two packed specials.
Jack M Bruce covers the classic "Biff" in the second of two specials.
The Bristol Fighter's squadron service is covered in this unique volume with over 100 photos and three pages of colour profiles illustrating all unit markings employed on the type. Includes 1:8 scale drawings.
Image-laden reference for the long-serving day-bomber with extra colour profiles and close-up airframe details. Limited mint stock available.
Second volume of our 'Ninak' coverage with over 100 colour and archive photos, more than seven pages of drawings, plus three pages of colour profiles. Limited stock now available!
Another classic fighter design from the Sopwith factory, the nimble triplane was the favourite of many pilots and did sterling war service with the RNAS. Includes over 40 close-up detail photos!
OUR third in the popular Windsock Worldwide Modelling Special with all four of Wingnut Wings' superb Fokker D.VII kits covered in depth with new and exclusive supportive material -a veritable feast for any WWI aeromodeller!
The fabulous Fokker D.VII is lavishly chronicled in this ground-breaking Special with dozens of photos;scale drawings, a cockpit cutaway and no less than 12 Jastas covered with over eight pages of colour profiles, plus cowling drawings and more! 68 packed pages. Last ever available copies-all signed by editor Ray Rimell. EXTREMELY LIMITED STOCK!
Detailed coverage of the D.VII's from multiple Jastas, with contributions from leading experts.
The third of three volume profiles Albatros-built D.VII's.
THE immortal RAF RE8 reconnaissance two-seater revisited in an all- new,heavily- illustrated DATAFILE!
Jack M Bruce documents the classic design, long time favourite of flying scale modellers worldwide. One of our most popular titles with over 10,000 copies sold!
Over 33 rare archive photos, 1:48 / 1:72 scale plans, and detailed colour notes with four colour profiles on the outer covers LIMITED AVAILABILITY.
OUR first Eindecker Compendium provides the most exhaustive coverage of the iconic A.I and E.I German monoplane fighters ever presented. Packed with rare photos plus unique drawings and colour plates.56 pages plus covers. ONLY A DOZEN MINT COPIES REMAIN!
This Eindecker monograph contains, at last, the true story of Germany's synchronised gun development in the formative years of true aerial combat. With detailed scale plans and over 70 photos
36 archive photos plus 18 close-ups combine to fully document the classic Eindecker fighter.
The Sopwith Snipe came in at the end of WW1 and went on to serve for many years with the peacetime RAF. This limited edition reprint offers a goldmine of rich and authentic data on this classic fighter.
Brand new,highly illustrated study of the gracile Rumpler two seaters with dozens of rare photos, drawings, colour photos/profiles and more! LOW STOCKS!!
This landmark edition continues Lance Krieg's popular modelling series, looks at a unique Rumpler restoration in Germany and features a detailed review build of the Wingnut Wings' Pfalz D.XII!
THIS edition brings WWI model aeroplane enthusiasts a veritable feast of top-notch reference and modelling know -how. Includes an exclusive build-log for Wingnut's Rumpler and Vickers Vimy colour profiles!
LATEST Wingnut Wings kits reviewed-Eindeckers and DH2s,plus exclusive pull-out Eindecker plans in 1:32! An instant classic!
AVAILABLE again! 1918 facsimile of the original British report on the German Mercedes engine with sketches and photos!
This rugged French two seater served with distinction in the AEF during the latter part of 1918 and is superbly chronicled in this image laden Datafile packed with great drawings and rare photos. Ideal for builders of Wingnut and Gaspatch model kits!
Our fourth Windsock Modelling Special is laden with detailed build notes accompanied by dozens of step-by-step model photos, great archive material, new Ronny Bar profiles, a 1918 facsimile report on a captured AEG and much more!
Germany's best twin-engined bomber of WW1 played a key role in the 1917-1918 air war with regular attacks on Allied targets by night and day. The ultimate reference for the Wingnut Wings' AEG G.IV kits!
With its extra pages of scale drawings ,many photos and detailed colour notes ,this 40 page Limited Edition reprint offers unrivalled reference for anyone building the Wingnut Wings super kits!
One of Germany's most succeessful seaplane fighters is described in depth by Peter M Grosz. Over 50 photos, scale plans,contemporary drawings and more! This Limited Edition reprint presents new rear cover profiles by Ronny Bar!
Special Sopwith Camel features with photos,colour profiles and unique Brian Knight cover image!*USN Finishes with three rear colour profiles*Guillows' Bristol Bullet remembered*WWI movies on DVD and much more!
First of a two volume study by Colin A Owers on the Handley Page twin- engined bomber nicknamed the 'Bloody Paralyser'.Contains 1:72 scale drawings of both O/100 and O/400 versions and over 60 photos. Perfect resource for those building Airfix ,Copper State and Wingnut Wings model kits!
The Sopwith Dolphin and reissued Pfalz D.IIIa kits are the subjects for our seventh WNW Special. Over 300 photos,model and full size, with all-new colour profiles,rigging notes, walkaround images,detailed appendices and more.
Peter M Grosz relates the true story of the very first Gothas, progenitors of a long line of famous German bombers that served throughout WWI.Includes full plans and over 58 photos. Perfect for the astonishing Wingnut Wings G.I and UWD 1:32 scale kits!
The Wingnut Wings Halberstadt CL.II is the subject of our ninth Modelling Special with over 200 illustrations,archive images,step-by-step build log photos,Ronny Bar profiles and more. Highlights include painting techniques,detail improvements,specialist decal applications and rigging.
Recently found ,a small damaged box of classic Dolphin Datafiles! Creased in one upper corner, these last examples are being offered at a discounted price as befits their condition. Other than the creases they are complete.