NEW! FOKKER F.I/DR.I Model Special by Ray Rimell/ Richard Alexander


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The Sopwith Snipe came in at the end of WW1 and went on to serve for many years with the peacetime RAF. This limited edition reprint offers a goldmine of rich and authentic data on this classic fighter.
Germany's best twin-engined bomber of WW1 played a key role in the 1917-1918 air war with regular attacks on Allied targets by night and day. The ultimate reference for the Wingnut Wings' AEG G.IV kits!
One of Germany's most succeessful seaplane fighters is described in depth by Peter M Grosz. Over 50 photos, scale plans,contemporary drawings and more! This Limited Edition reprint presents new rear cover profiles by Ronny Bar!
AVAILABLE AGAIN! One of the German Navy's most potent seaplane fighters, the W 12 saw widespread service in the North Sea and proved a real thorn in the side of the British Royal Navy...One of our most popular titles, now in its second reprint..
With its extra pages of scale drawings ,many photos and detailed colour notes ,this 40 page Limited Edition reprint offers unrivalled reference for anyone building the Wingnut Wings super kits!
DATAFILE 136 -LIMITED EDITION REPRINT! The amazing giant German flying boats of WWI are given the full star treatment in this unique DATAFILE with pull-out 1:72 scale drawings !