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The classic German two-seater is fully documented with over 100 rare archive photos -with many detail close-ups-from the author's unrivalled collection.
The famous German WWI two-seater is exhaustively covered with over 70 rare archive photos and detailed colour notes. Scale plans by Marty Digmayer.
Five pages of superb scale plans, 74 rare archive photos, nine close-ups and much more document what would have been the RAF's main fighter had the war continued..
German pushers are rare and the AGO is the most famous example with its unusual twin boom configuration. Plenty of amazing wartime photos provide essential modelling reference.
Jack M Bruce profiles the famous WWI British pusher fighter that served with four RFC squadrons on the Front line in 1916.Over 55 photos plus original FE8 handbook sketches.
The ubiquitous C.V saw successful service with German Fl.Abt. units in 1917/1918. One of the finest of all the later German two-seater reconnaissance aircraft is given the full DATAFILE treatment by Peter M Grosz with many rare wartime images.
The Martinsyde G.100 Elephant was the first British multi-gun fighter. Dozens of photos and detailed scale plans feature in this image-laden DATAFILE.
The C.V was designed for high altitude, long distance and reconnaissance and photographic roles-one of the finest of its type. This fully-illustrated monograph is packed with rare and unique images...
The rugged metal structure of the C.IV made it ideal for Middle East operations as well as the usual rigours of Western Front usage. Over 65 photos also include rare examples operated by the Ottoman Empire. Scale plans and colour profiles complete this detailed study.
The Aviatik C.I was one of the most attractive of WWI German two-seaters and ably performed a variety of duties in the Front line. Over 500 were built and the photographic record is extensive. Peter M Grosz provides over 80 rare wartime photos to support his narrative -and there are many close-up images to sate modellers' appetites for detail...
In this unique monograph J M Bruce covers both the RE 5 and RE 7 reconnaissance biplanes designed by the Royal Aircraft Factory in the early years of WWI. Extensive photo coverage with over 80 rare images in this specially extended 40 page DATAFILE, the most comprehensive study of these aircraft currently available.
 One of the German Navy's most potent seaplane fighters, the W 12 saw widespread service in the North Sea and proved a real thorn in the side of the British Royal Navy...One of our most popular titles, now in its second reprint..