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79. Rumpler C.I79. Rumpler C.I
The classic German two-seater is covered with over 100 rare archive photos.
77. Albatros C.VII77. Albatros C.VII
The famous German WWI two-seater is covered with over 70 rare archive photos.
76. Martinsyde Buzzard76. Martinsyde Buzzard
5 pages of superb plans, 74 rare archive photos, nine close-ups and much more.
75. AGO C.I75. AGO C.I
German pushers are rare and the AGO is the most famous example.
74. RAF FE874. RAF FE8
Jack M Bruce profiles the famous WWI British pusher fighter.
73. Friedrichshafen F33E73. Friedrichshafen F33E
This well known German seaplane was probably the most extensively-built machine of its type in WWI.
72. (Airco) DH972. (Airco) DH9
The DH9 proved inferior to its DH4 predecessor but nevertheless saw widespread service in the latter stages of the war. Unmatched reference for modellers of the 'Nine'.
71. LVG C.V71. LVG C.V
The ubiquitous C.V saw successful service with German Fl.Abt. units in 1917/1918.
70. Martinsyde Elephant70. Martinsyde Elephant
The Elephant was the first British multi-gun fighter. Dozens of photos and detailed scale plans feature in this Datafile.
69. Halberstadt C.V69. Halberstadt C.V
The C.V was designed for high altitude, long distance and reconnaissance and photographic roles.
67. AEG C.IV67. AEG C.IV
The rugged metal structure of the C.IV made it ideal for Middle East operations.
66. RAF BE12/a/b66. RAF BE12/a/b
An attempt to power up the 2c, the 12's wartime career was one of mixed fortunes.
63. Aviatik C.I63. Aviatik C.I
This attractive two-seater was used effectively as a bomber, spotter and photo recon' machine in the early part of WWI.
62. RAF RE5/762. RAF RE5/7
A unique study of two hitherto poorly-recorded types.
61. Brandenburg W.12 SOLD OUT!61. Brandenburg W.12 SOLD OUT!
One of the German Navy's most potent seaplane fighters, the W.12 saw widespread service in the North Sea.