NEW! FOKKER F.I/DR.I Model Special by Ray Rimell/ Richard Alexander


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The Pfalz monoplanes were copies of the pre-war French Moranes and only saw limited service.This book covers all versions from the E.I to the E.V with photos and drawings of each.
One of Germany's most succeessful seaplane fighters is described in depth by Peter M Grosz. Over 50 photos, scale plans,contemporary drawings and more! This Limited Edition reprint presents new rear cover profiles by Ronny Bar!
'One of the truly great aircraft of the First World War' was how author Peter M Grosz summed up the DFW C.V and in this lavishly-illustrated monograph he explains just why. Thousands were built and it proved a highly versatile and long- serving reconnaissance aircraft.
Germany's best twin-engined bomber of WW1 played a key role in the 1917-1918 air war with regular attacks on Allied targets by night and day. The ultimate reference for the Wingnut Wings' AEG G.IV kits!
Not deHavilland's most successful design, but the curious-looking DH5 redeemed itself in the ground attack role.
Although as racy as its C.II forebear, the Haifisch was not to emulate its success and was soon relegated to the trainer role.
The Sopwith Snipe came in at the end of WW1 and went on to serve for many years with the peacetime RAF. This limited edition reprint offers a goldmine of rich and authentic data on this classic fighter.
This lighter version of the Cl.II proved popular with its crews and saw much action in the close support role. Includes 46 archive photos with 26 close-ups!