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38. (Airco) DH1038. (Airco) DH10
Somewhat elegant for a bomber, the Amiens arrived too late to make any impact on the war.
32. Spad 13.C132. Spad 13.C1
Superb GAs, 66 archive photos, 31 close-ups, detailed camouflage drawings and a kit survey.
31. Phönix D.I/II31. Phönix D.I/II
Superior to both the OEF D.III and Aviatik D.I, the Phönix fighters were flown by many leading air aces.
26. Sopwith Camel26. Sopwith Camel
Now in its third printing, this is the ultimate Camel reference!
25. Fokker D.VIII25. Fokker D.VIII
The legendary 'Flying Razor' arrived too late to make a big impact on the war, but remains a firm modeller's favourite.
22. Sopwith Triplane22. Sopwith Triplane
Another classic fighter design from the Sopwith factory, this nimble triplane was the favourite of many pilots.