NEW! FOKKER F.I/DR.I Model Special by Ray Rimell/ Richard Alexander


Datafiles 163 -174

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The second eagerly-awaited volume is now here! With comprehensive and informed captions, pilots' accounts, more unique colour profiles and over 80 rare photos! Another of our most sought after Datafile titles. Stocks are now beginning to run low...
First of a special brand new two part study of the classic German Pfalz fighter of 1917/1918. With all new material! This has proven to be one of our most popular titles ever with just one box of copies left in stock.
The classic British two-seater is meticulously profiled in this brand new study with many colour illustrations; brand new scale drawings and rare archival material. Written by Paul R Hare , top specialist historian on the WWI British Royal Aircraft Factory, this is one of our most popular DATAFILES.
Brand spanking new study of this well-known Austro Hungarian fighter with many rare photos and superb colour profiles! This Datafile was written by Paolo Varriale and has proved a consistently strong seller with only a handful of copies from the first print run remaining.
The famous Navalized version of the mercurial Sopwith Camel is given 4-star treatment by Colin Owers in this all-new revisionist monograph. new scale plans and many unique archive images!
Harry Woodman and Ray Rimell complete their coverage of the Hannover biplanes with more rare photos, superb scale drawings and three pages of new Ronny Bar artwork! A modeller's treasure trove for Wingnut Wings kit builders!!
'Hannoveraners'-a two volume study; DATAFILE No. 168 provides unparalleled coverage of the German Hannover two-seaters of 1917/1918-perfect reference for anyone modelling this distinctive two seater.
Completely new study of the late war Nieuport 'Vee-strutters' with an excellent selection of archive images,fresh scale plans and nine Ronny Bar profiles!
Colin Owers has the full story of the American Thomas Morse Scouts which featured in many Hollywood movies after the war. This highly-detailed monograph provides all the usual DATAFILE features plus an up-to-date listing of all Tommy survivors with colour photos of nearly every one.
Brand new study of this classic RAF -designed two-seater with extra colour pages-includes many close-ups of the two TVAL reproductions!
THE so-called 'Super Handley' makes a welcome addition to the popular series. Written by Colin Owers ,with detailed 1:72 scale plans, rare photos and six new cover profiles from Ronny Bar, this is a great record of a great aeroplane.
THE first Datafile of 2014 could hardly be more appropriate. Here is the story of the early BE2 series that went to war in August 1914. With over 67 photos and great new drawings based on RAF blueprints.