NEW! FOKKER F.I/DR.I Model Special by Ray Rimell/ Richard Alexander


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Chronicles the development and service of the FE2d, the Rolls-Royce-powered 'Fee'which performed steadfast duty over the Western Front in 1917/1918.
The second volume of the Albatros C.XII mini series comes with seven pages of 1:48/1:72 scale plans.
Classic early WWI flying boat given the full works in this unique reference package.
The Large America flying boats did sterling service in the North Sea in WWI against German Zeppelins and submarines, as well as taking on German seaplanes.
The ubiquitous FBA Type H flying boat was used by most of the Allied air services in WWI.
The Le Pere Lusac 11 is an unusual but fascinating US warplane that spawned a large number of derivatives.


The famous  Ansaldo reconnaissance fighters  of WWI and the post war period are meticulously detailed by Gregory Alegi with almost 100 rare archive and close-up photos. Plus detailed scale drawings and brand new Ronny Bar colour profiles on the rear cover.