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137. Blackburn Kangaroo137. Blackburn Kangaroo
Colin Owers describes the spindly Kangaroo, its wartime exploits and peacetime career. Detailed scale plans in 1:48 /1:72, handbook sketches, colour notes and more. Over 64 photos. Very low stocks...
135. Voisin III/V at War135. Voisin III/V at War
* Paolo Varialle details the amazing French Voisin in 40 pages plus covers * Over 90 unique photos illustrating Voisins in WWI service with four nations * 8 pages of detailed 1:48/1:72 scale planes * Colour profiles * Detailed appendices and colours data. LOW STOCKS!
DATAFILE 136 -LIMITED EDITION REPRINT! The amazing giant German flying boats of WWI are given the full star treatment in this unique DATAFILE with pull-out 1:72 scale drawings !
134. RAF FE2d134. RAF FE2d
Chronicles the development and service of the FE2d, the Rolls-Royce-powered 'Fee'which performed steadfast duty over the Western Front in 1917/1918.
132. Curtiss Jenny Vol.1132. Curtiss Jenny Vol.1
Colin Owers traces the history of the iconic biplane in detail in the first of two volumes.
129. Albatros C.XII Volume 2129. Albatros C.XII Volume 2
The second volume of the Albatros C.XII mini series comes with seven pages of 1:48/1:72 scale plans.
127. Lohner Type M127. Lohner Type M
Classic early WWI flying boat given the full works in this unique reference package.
125. Curtiss H.12125. Curtiss H.12
The Large America flying boats did sterling service in the North Sea in WWI against German Zeppelins and submarines, as well as taking on German seaplanes.
124. FBA Type H124. FBA Type H
The ubiquitous FBA Type H flying boat was used by most of the Allied air services in WWI.
122. Ansaldo SVA 9/10122. Ansaldo SVA 9/10
The famous two seat Ansaldos of WWI and the post war period are meticulously detailed by almost 100 rare archive and close-up photos.
120. Le Pere Lusac II120. Le Pere Lusac II
The Le Pere Lusac 11 is an unusual but fascinating US warplane that spawned a large number of derivatives.