NEW! FOKKER F.I/DR.I Model Special by Ray Rimell/ Richard Alexander



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First of the classic Aeroguides and what could be more fitting than the iconic British Spitfire? 36 crammed pages include a double page cutaway of the Mk.V; dozens of photos;sketches and a colour profile. Faded pages but complete!
Third in the popular Aeroguide Classic series is Ray Rimell's monograph on the Avro Lancaster B. Mk.1 bomber of WWII. Fully illustrated and a great reference source for modellers of the  1:32 scale HKM and WNW (Border) kits-and all the other scales! Author signed. 
'Hawker Hart and Derivatives' is the subtitle of this 1989-published Aeroguide that profiles the famous RAF inter-war series of Hawker biplanes from Hart to Hector. Stacked with photos plus a centrefold cutaway, tone drawings and unique colour profile. Slight creasing on covers but otherwise in good condition.