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First of the classic Aeroguides and what could be more fitting than the iconic British Spitfire? 36 crammed pages include a double page cutaway of the Mk.V; dozens of photos;sketches and a colour profile. Faded pages but complete!
ME 109ME 109
Second of the Aeroguide Classics, this profiles the famous Messerschmitt Bf 109e that fought over the skies of Britain in 1940. Packed with many close ups, a cutaway,collector's colour plate and more. One only.
Fourth in the popular Aeroguide Classics monographs describes the fabled Fairey Swordfish that made history on more than one occasion in WW2! 32 pages plus covers with dozens of photos,a centre-spread cutaway, tone camouflage drawings and a collectors' colour profile plate.
The classic 'Tiggie' is profiled in depth with over 34 archive photos and exclusive close-ups showing every detail of this famous biplane trainer.Also includes a cutaway,monotone markings profiles and a colour plate. Signed by the author.VGC.