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98. LVG B.I
98. LVG B.I 98. LVG B.I

98. LVG B.I

IN August 1914, three two-seat biplanes formed the backbone of the German Army Air Service;manufactured by Albatros , Aviatik and LVG, these boasted strong airframes with ample space for crewmen,cameras and light bombs as well as  a generous fuel supply so vital for long- range reconnaissance. The LVG B.I was easily the best of the triad and its exceptional stability and overall performance endeared it to pilots and observers alike. Peter M Grosz traces the fascinating history of these pioneer warplanes with over 90 images from his vast personal collection.Many provide close-up details of these aeroplanes as well as revealing  a wide diversity of markings. Martin Digmayer presents six pages of detailed 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings and Bob Pearson supplies the three rear cover colour profiles.An exceptionally well illustrated DATAFILE...

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