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95. Staaken R.VI
95. Staaken R.VI 95. Staaken R.VI 95. Staaken R.VI 95. Staaken R.VI

95. Staaken R.VI

THIS, the second DATAFILE to describe one of Germany's awesome WWI Riesenflugzeug (Giant aircraft), focuses on the enormous Staaken R.VI,the largest aircraft to attain quantity production in the First World War.Perhaps the best-known of all the R-Planes,the R.VI was employed on a number of occasions to make successful raids on England by Bombengeschwader 3 and Rfa 501-the latter solely equipped with Staaken types.Due to the sheer size of these behemoths, it has not proved practical to reproduce George Haddow's excellent general arrangement drawings in the usual two popular scales-even in 1:72 it posed logistical problems;likewise, this book's rear cover layout has been restyled to accommodate the colour profiles more comfortably.
Peter M Grosz and George Haddow's collaborative 1962 tome The German Giants (since reprinted) is rightly regarded as a classic. Peter builds on that work with  this DATAFILE on the R.VI that  provides a great many new photos-over 80 of them- with  a revised and updated narrative to inspire modellers and historians once again.The book also includes detailed colour notes;colour photos of a preserved engine pod in Poland;plenty of close-up details, with cockpits and internals, plus two rear cover profiles.


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