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87. Albatros B.I
87. Albatros B.I 87. Albatros B.I 87. Albatros B.I 87. Albatros B.I

87. Albatros B.I

First in a long line of WWI  Albatros two seaters, the B.I, serving as either a reconnaissance machine or light bomber,did sterling work throughout the early part of the war with some trainer variants soldiering on through 1917 and well into the following year. Many leading German airmen such as Goering;Loerzer and Buddecke cut their teeth flying these trusty biplanes,whilst their Austro-Hungarian counterparts were no strangers to the aircraft either. Peter M Grosz unlocks the B.I's fascinating history backed with 64 of the very best images from his personal archive collection,whilst Marty Digmayer  provides nine  pages of 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings to cover all major airframe variations. This book is a modeller's delight especially those with a passion for flying scale since the B.I's long nose,generous wingspan and extra large tailplane offer  perfect requisites for stability.(Includes colour profiles of Dutch,Russian and Austrro-Hungarian examples.)

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