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53. DFW C.V  

53. DFW C.V

The DFW C.V was a true classic of WWI. This popular two-seater saw widespread service and was  built in large numbers,not only by the parent company but also three sub-contractors.This 36 page study boasts over 116 stunning archive photos that reveal all the nuances of this great aeroplane. Detailed fold-out 1-72 and 1-48  scale drawings by Ian Stair cover two versions, along with factory GAs of the Benz Bz.IV motor.There are also detail close-ups of fuselage and cockpits,plus exhaustive colour notes to accompany the   rear cover profiles by Ray Rimell-factory trademarks are also reproduced in colour.With many markings variations to be found in the extensive photo count, this is a modeller's one -stop go-to reference and will be an invaluable source for those building  available model kits...from Classic Plane to Wingnut Wings!

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