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150,PHONIX C.I  


 ONE of the Dual Monarchy's most successful two-seat combat aircraft  is chronicled in depth by Italian aero-historian Paolo Varriale.The excellent PHONIX C.I was one of the finest aeroplanes  of its day and could even outpace the Sopwith Camel at certain heights. Following exemplary service with the LFT, the design was adopted after the war by Sweden with their licence-built Dronts, these soldiering on well into the early 1930s!

The author provides fulsome coverage of both variants, supporting a lively narrative with over 94 rare photos. Marty Digmayer supplies the detailed 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings; Ronny Bar, the rear cover profiles, and Danilo Renzulli takes care of the front  cover with another of his evocative paintings.This ubiquitous Austro-Hungarian reconnaissance aircraft is covered as never before in this unique DATAFILE, the 150th of the series!

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