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106. LVG C.II
106. LVG C.II 106. LVG C.II

106. LVG C.II

 THE German C-class  two-seaters ushered in a new phase for reconnaissance machines. Uprated motors fitted to existing airframes enabled machine guns to be carried replacing the carbines and pistols of earlier types. With a rotating gun ring at the rear-brainchild of Swiss engineer Franz Schneider,the first Kampfflugzeuge designs from Ago, Albatros,Aviatik,Brandenburg, DFW, Gotha and LVG entered service in early 1915 and German reconnaisance units never looked back. Peter M Grosz describes one of the best of these and as well as over 90 excellent images of the LVG C.II, including close-ups of engines and cockpits, there are six pages of  1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings plus three profiles on the rear covers.A superb reference package!

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