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WELCOME to the official Albatros Productions Ltd. website, home of the world's  largest range of World War One aeroplane/ airship books and journals aimed at  dedicated   scale  modellers and aero- enthusiasts. If you're fans of all those  classic 1914-1918 aircraft produced by Albatros,  Aviatik, DFW, Bristol , the Royal Aircraft Factory, Fokker, Gotha, Hannover, Halberstadt, LVG, Nieuport, Pfalz, Roland, Rumpler, Sopwith , SPAD, Zeppelin  and many, many  other legendary marques  that flew and  fought in 'The Great War' , then this really  is the perfect site for you!

Written, illustrated  and produced by experts in their field including  Gregory  Alegi, Ronny Bar,Jack Bruce, Peter Grosz, George  Haddow , Paul Hare , Les RogersRay Rimell, Bruce Robertson, Josef Scott,Colin Owers, Paolo Varriale,  Harry Woodman and  Greg Van Wyngarden we offer the very  finest references available, whether you're seeking WWI aircraft camouflage and markings, squadron histories, technical data , rare archive photos , unique scale drawings, the very best  1814-1918 aeroplane and airship  monographs ,or are  just  keen on modelling WWI aeroplanes, we really do  cover it all ! So why not come inside and discover hundreds of exciting titles!

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All hard copy  publications listed on this site are  the copyright of Albatros Productions Ltd.

Copies of titles offered as pdf downloads or compilations on DVD CDRom ,and any other form of 
digital/electronic format ,whether on the Internet , in printed form ,or any  other media,have been  illegally pirated and we will take vigorous  action against any perpetrators. To help us  enforce this we have  employed the services of  a copyright/take-down company who are constantly  monitoring the Internet  for unlawful copies of our titles and  removing them...


Note for navigators:Please be aware that the LATEST ARRIVALS and  SUBSCRIPTIONS buttons at the top of this page have been disabled. Also, for the time being we are suspending regular publication of Windsock and Datafiles and  therefore our subscriptions services will not be available until further notice.

HERE'S where you'll find out- of- print DATAFILES and SPECIALS. Last copies of our finest past titles available in very limited numbers!
Building the Wingnut Wings Gotha G.IV. Our very first modelling Special is available again as a limited third edition.
An indispensable library, packed with rare archival and close-up airframe photographs, scale drawings, contemporary detail sketches (where available), colours and markings data, plus colour profiles.
Featuring the famous warplanes of WWI, Specials include a wealth of vital top-notch reference material, providing many pages of scale plans, sketches, photographs and extensive camouflage and markings coverage, with many exciting colour profiles.
For WWI aeroplane enthusiasts and modellers, a reference-packed journal reaching readers in over 30 countries. With colour pages, archive data and scale drawings, plus the most authoritative reviews of WWI kits, books and products anywhere!
WNW  Specials!WNW Specials!
Our top-selling range of modelling Specials devoted to building popular Wingnut Wings kits! New title expected May 2018!
Just for Wingnutters!Just for Wingnutters!
DUE to customer requests, here are our recommended titles to help builders of the Wingnut Wings series of 1:32 scale kits-all gathered together for ease of selection.
WWI model kit sales!WWI model kit sales!
At long last we are raiding the loft to clear out a lifetime of kit collecting and are offering a unique, wide range of WWI aeroplane kits of all scales and materials-past and present- for months to come. Many rareties will be made available here and all will be checked for completeness. All models are unbuilt,complete and mint unless otherwise stated.
Airships & Zeppelins!Airships & Zeppelins!
AS well as our own acclaimed series of titles relating to German Zeppelins of WWI , we have a selection of rare and classic airship books from years gone by for the true collectors among you!
Covering the lesser known types often overlooked, yet still offering great potential for modellers, these budget-priced booklets include 1:48 and 1:72 scale plans, photos and rear cover colour profiles where appropriate.
New! WWI Decal Sales!New! WWI Decal Sales!
Over coming months we will be updating this category with more WWI decals for all the popular scales. Unless stated otherwise all are in original packaging,complete and in mint order.
NINE reprints can now be found right here! These are limited editions of some classic WWI Datafiles now including three 'Ancient Mariners' !
OOP Windsocks here!OOP Windsocks here!
LONG -out-of print issues available in limited numbers from Volume 5 onwards. Most in good condition.
Rare WWI  titles!Rare WWI titles!
WWI aviation , Scale Models back numbers and related modelling books for sale-many no longer generally available!