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Albatros Productions Ltd.,offers the World's largest range of World War One aeroplane and airship books / journals aimed at dedicated  scale modellers and aero-enthusiasts. If you seek the very best documentation on 1914-1918 aircraft produced by Albatros,Aviatik,DFW,Bristol,Royal Aircraft Factory,Fokker,Gotha, Hannover,Halberstadt,LVG,Nieuport,Pfalz,Roland,Rumpler,Siemens,Sopwith,SPAD, Zeppelin and many,many other legendary marques that flew and fought in 'The Great War, then you have arrived at the right place!

Written,illustrated and produced by acknowledged experts in their field including:  Gregory Alegi, Ronny Bar,Jack Bruce, Peter Grosz, George Haddow ,Paul Hare ,Les Rogers, Ray Rimell, Bruce Robertson, Josef Scott,Colin Owers, Paolo Varriale, Harry Woodman and Greg Van Wyngarden we offer the finest references available. Whether you're a big fan of WWI aircraft camouflage and markings, squadron histories, technical data, rare archive photos, unique scale drawings, the very best 'Great War' aeroplane and airship monographs,or just passionate about modelling WWI aeroplanes, we cover it all! Browse our unique on-line catalogue and discover hundreds of exciting top class titles that really are second to none, along with special offers on many classic WWI books;model kits and  decal sheets!